Multipurpose Hall

3 Features close-up

1.Hall layout is adjustable: 1st floor can be free of seats.

The maximum number of seats possible in the multipurpose hall is 1,500 (or a maximum of 300 wheelchair spaces and 1,000 seats). The multipurpose hall has an automated floor level adjustment feature for six hall layouts, such as for wheelchair users.

Stage/seating layouts can be downloaded below:
Stage plan

2.Extra-large multiscreens at both ends of the stage display images and subtitles effectively.

123 inch extra-large multiscreens, with approximate dimensions of 1.9 m in length and 2.5 m in width, enable the display of sign language and characters on a larger scale.

3.Facilities and equipment satisfactory for stage performances requiring high-level acoustic and lighting quality.

We have facilities and equipment suitable for concerts, dramas, and other performances featuring excellent artistic quality.

  • Light modulating system
  • Mixing console
  • 250 inch DLP and 16mm cinema projector
  • Suspension light

A variety of stage equipment, musical instruments, and lighting are available for rent.


  • The on-site accommodation is convenient for guests invited from afar.
  • Automatic entrance door provides easy entry and exit for wheelchairs.
  • Simultaneous interpretation system for three languages is available, which can also be used as a hearing aid system.

*A simultaneous interpretation system is a system by which the voice of a speaker is transmitted to interpreters via earphones.

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