Internet Access

Free internet access via LAN cable. As our system is plug and play, setup is not necessary.

Outline of the service

  • Availability: in all guest rooms
  • Charge: free
  • Connection: ADSL 8Mbps
  • Transmission method inside facility: VDSL

Notice for internet connection

  • OS:Windows(98·Me·NT·2000·XP·7), MacOS8.6 or later version than this
  • Available for computers that can be connected to the internet via LAN at home or work.
  • Some old computers (without a network interface) may not be able to connect.
  • Some paid services (Q2 dial, international VoIP telephone, websites accessible via telephone) may not be able to be accessed.
  • Mail delivery can be restricted depending on the provider.
  • We do not rent computers, LAN adaptors, printers, or other computer peripherals.

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