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1. 35 guest rooms : Rooms in Japanese style, western style and Japanese/Western style are available.

There are four room types – type A to type D – at reasonable rates.

Type A / Western style room <26 rooms>

Twin room. A fixed sofa can be used as an extra bed. Rooms with a ceiling track sling lift for carrying a severely disabled person between the bed and the bathroom are also available.

  • Adult 6,000 yen –
  • Persons with disabilities 4,800 yen -

Type B / Japanese style room <6 rooms>

Same dimensions as type A room.

  • Adult 6,000 yen –
  • Persons with disabilities 4,800 yen -

Type C / Japanese-Western Style room <2 rooms>

Type C rooms consist of Japanese style room and western style room with a large bathtub.

  • Adult 7,000 yen –
  • Persons with disabilities 5,600 yen -

Type D / Western style room <1 room>

Room intended for the use by severely disabled people, equipped with a ceiling track sling lift between the bed and the bathroom.

  • Adult 8,000 yen –
  • Persons with disabilities 6,400 yen -

2.User-friendly facility with universal design: Spacious room for wheelchairs, floor with no steps

Facility has adopted universal design for persons with disabilities or seniors.
Rooms are spacious for comfortable use, including safety measures in the case of emergency.

All sliding doors
All sliding doors for the convenience of users of wheelchairs and walking canes.
Sling lift for ease of mobility
Some rooms have a ceiling track sling lift for easy transfer from the bed to the bathroom.
Emergency warnings on Television
In case of emergency such as fire or earthquake, the TV is automatically switched on to provide an alert with both text and voice information.

3.Easy access:1hour from Kansai International Airport, 35 minutes from Namba station. Convenient for sightseeing in Osaka

Easily accessible from Kansai International Airport and Osaka Namba station without the need to change trains.
Within 1 hour access from Osaka's main terminal such as JR Osaka and Shin-Osaka.

Historic site
Shrines and temples
Amenity Facility

Internet access

Free internet access is available in guest rooms. (We don't rent computers.)

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BiG-i (International Communication Center for Persons with Disabilities)

TEL:072-290-0900 (10:00–21:00) FAX:072-290-0920

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