Barrier free areas

In order to support the independence of people with disabilities, we have established a facility with consideration for safety and user-friendliness.

We utilize carpet instead of tactile paving to provide a smooth surface.
To assist the visually impaired to walk around the facility, we utilize carpet instead of tactile paving in passageways. This makes it easy for wheelchairs to pass as the surface is flat.
Guide signboards in toilets for the visually impaired
Guide signboards in toilets feature braille, embossed characters, and diagrams for people with various degrees of visual impairment.
L-shaped handrails
Doors are all sliding doors. L-shaped handrails are utilized to show the doorway of the room.
Switches to open and close doors automatically
Touch switches for automatic opening and closing of doors are equipped on doors to the multipurpose hall and meeting rooms.
Braille appears on doors and handrails
To indicate the doorways of the hall, meeting rooms, and toilets to the visually impaired, braille appears on the doors and nearby handrails.
Touch signboard
The signboard in the main entrance of the facility has an embossed diagram to provide information when touched with the hand.
Walking stick holders are provided in many places in the facility.
For those who use a walking stick, holders are provided.
A voice guide system has been installed.
Small transmitters (signal aids) are given information of the location of elevator, and doorway of 1st floor, for the visually impaired use.
Indoor parking
There is enough space left between cars for wheelchair users.

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At elevator hall Inside of elevator
The elevators are spacious, and large enough for 4 wheelchairs
Elevators are equipped inside and out with audiovisual screens to provide guidance with voice and sign language.
Large size switch
Switches are larger for better visibility and operability. They also feature braille.
Foot switch
A foot switch is installed for directing the elevator to go up or down.
Emergency switch
A foot-operated emergency call switch is installed in each elevator.

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Plenty of space is provided so that wheelchair users can easily pass by each other. Every room has an emergency call button.
Multifunctional toilet
Multifunctional toilet with a folding bed, toilet with bidet function, shower, and ostomy pouch cleaner.
The toilet door is wider so that wheelchair users can open and close it more easily.

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Emergency passage
All guest rooms are connected to emergency passages. Emergency passages without steps enable wheelchair users to evacuate from the facility easily.
Evacuation guide lights in passages
Lights embedded in passage floors and major exits provide guidance for evacuation.

Emergency notices

Electronic bulletin boards
There are electronic bulletin boards all around the facility, providing information in written form.
Television Monitor around the elevator
Television monitors around the elevators provide voice and visual information.
Television in guest room
Televisions in guest rooms are automatically switched on in an emergency, providing voice and visual information.
Emergency lights in the shape of a pyramid
Emergency lights in the shape of a pyramid are installed on guest room and meeting room ceilings, and flash in the case of an emergency.

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