Meeting Room

3 Features close-up

1.Flexible layout & wide variety of equipment. For a wide range of occasions: from meetings and exhibitions, to workshops.

Capacity of meeting rooms is as follows: Large meeting room: approximately 160 people; medium-sized room: approximately 100 people; small room: approximately 60 people*. Each room can be divided into two with partitions. Desks and chairs are movable.

*Assuming 3 people per desk in the lecture room layout.

Meeting room plans
Equipment is available for rent: wireless microphones, compact disk players, projectors, televisions, podiums, podium for rakugo (Japanese traditional storytelling), piano etc.

2.Catering service is available from the restaurant in BiG-i

Catering service is available in both Western and Japanese style dishes. Advance booking is necessary at reception.

3.Adopting universal design: all-in-one mixing console for audio, screen images, and lighting.

All-in-one mixing console for audio, screen images, and lighting for people with locomotive function difficulties. Infrared hearing aid system for people with hearing difficulties. Emergency warning given by a strong flashing light on the ceiling and electric signs.

*What is an infrared hearing aid system?
It is a system that provides clear sound by transmitting sound data between a transmitter and a receiver using infrared rays.

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