Universal Design

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Card key easily unlocks the door to the room
Instead of a room key, an IC card is used to unlock the door, by simply touching a panel on the door.
All sliding doors
All doors are sliding doors, for the convenience of users of wheelchairs or walking canes.
Two door scopes
Door scopes at both wheelchair height and regular height.
Level floors with minimal steps
There are no steps to the bathroom. In the Japanese/Western style rooms, the height of the Japanese room has been adjusted to fit the height of a wheelchair.
Bathroom accessible to wheelchairs
Spacious for the convenience of wheelchair users.
TV with subtitles
We have established a captioning system that enables TVs in each guest room to display subtitles.
Each telephone also serves as a fax machine.
To communicate with reception in writing, for the hearing impaired, or for business use.
Flashing light provides notification of visitors
When visitors press the doorbell, notification is provided by a flashing light on the ceiling. Some rooms are also equipped with a vibrating bed.
Braille displayed on night panel
Some rooms have braille on the bed console for those with visual impairments.
Sling lift on the ceiling for ease of mobility
Some rooms have a ceiling track sling lift for easy transfer from the bed to the bathroom.

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RENTAL EQUIPMENT (at no charge)

Telephone with special functions
Telephone that can be dialed by blowing; telephone receiver that transmits sound through the cheek bone; telephone that can be dialed using a foot pedal.
Assistance call switch
Assistance call switch is provided in case assistance is necessary or in case of emergency.
Mobile shower chair
Wheelchair for taking a shower while remaining seated.

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