“BiG i” is an accommodation facility equipped with a large multi-purpose hall and training rooms.

7 Features


Completely barrier-free

The facility provides a completely barrier free environment. Tactile indicators for visually impaired guests are made of carpet tiles so that they will not be a hazard to wheelchair users.


A hotel equipped with training rooms and large multi-purpose hall

The hall and rooms allows flexible space layout. Furnished with a variety of equipment, they can be used as meeting rooms, galleries, workshop rooms or any other purposes. A variety of equipment is available, including wireless microphones, CD players, video projectors, TVs, speech tables, bookrests for rakugo, and pianos.


Spacious rooms

Universal design is incorporated into the guest rooms including toilet and bath rooms to offer relaxing and comfortable ambience for both disabled and non-disabled people. The facility is equipped with security systems to ensure a safe stay.


A hall that can be used for a variety of purposes

The hall can be arranged to suit your needs, from theater-style seating, to flat, open space without seats. The hall can seat up to 1500 people, and can be arranged in 6 different styles.


Free breakfast offered for overnight guests

Free breakfast is offered for overnight guests from Grange, our in-house restaurant known for its healthy menu using organic foodstuffs.


Free parking for overnight guests

Wide parking spaces are provided for wheelchair users. No parking fee is charged to overnight guests.


The only facility in the Senboku area!

BiG-i has served many guests with barrier-free universal design, with its the multi-purpose hall and training rooms. This means that BiG-i is the only center that provides such facilities in the Senboku area.

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International Communication Center for
Persons with Disabilities (BiG-i)

1-8-1 Chayamadai, Minami-ku, Sakai-city, Osaka, 590 - 0115
TEL +81 72-290-0900
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